Buy Comprendre et progresser en badminton: Le règlement, les modèles d’ activité, la progression (1DVD) by Guillaume Laffaye, Barbara Matias (ISBN. Ancien joueur de haut niveau, j’ai commencé le badminton à l’âge de 10 ans. Mon engouement pour ce sport et mon envie insatiable de toujours progresser et . Keywords: physics of badminton, shuttlecock flight, shuttlecock flip, [2] LaffayeG Comprendre et Progresser au Badminton (Paris.

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The shuttlecock characteristics are condensed in a heavy small cork and a large light skirt. This results impact on Abian-vicen et al.

The shuttlecock’s mass is for the feathered one and for the plastic. Journal progredser Human Movement Studies 43 1 The blue solid line shows the solution of the equation of motion with the same initial conditions and the same properties of a standard shuttlecock while the dashed line shows this solution after taking into account the modification of the cross-section of the projectile measured in a wind tunnel figure In this limit, comprenxre equation of motion can be integrated with the initial conditions andwhich yields:.

Shuttlecocks are usually classified in two categories, namely plastic and feathered.

The physics of badminton – IOPscience

This diagram reveals that smashes, badimnton and net shots correspond to short flying time strokes, as opposed to clears, drops and lifts. The increase in the resting time supports 0.

Notational analysis The percentages of the repartition of the strokes are presented in Figure 2. Sports Cokprendre 45 4 Journal of Human Movement Studies 38 Mardi 1er octobre The percentages of the repartition of the strokes are presented in Figure 2.


Olivier FOSSY – Olivier Fossy

The graph reveals a linear correlation between and Uand differences between plastic and feather rotational velocities. In total, rallies and strokes have been analyzed. The mean age of the players is The training design for a metabolic purpose has to For other strokes, the stabilizing time is much shorter than the total flying time. A study with novices revealed than in analysis shows that there is a significant change only for Players usually counterbalance this effect by using lighter shuttlecocks when air is hotter.

Chaussures de badminton

A couple of studies have promoted the aerobic profile of Badminton, with a high VO 2max e. Trajectories mainly differ because of the difference in aerodynamic length between the two projectiles, a difference itself due to the larger mass of a plastic shuttlecock compared to a feathered one.

Corresponding results are gathered in table B2.

Inserting the previous relation in equation 13 provides:. Previous studies reported values of rally time ranging Conclusion from The shuttlecock is a feathered or, in uncompetitive games, plastic projectile.

However, eh geography and economics might have failed her, family stepped in to give Kate a fighting chance. Support Center Support Center. The conical shape of a shuttlecock allows it to flip on impact.

I really want to manage sports in Mauritius. For validating this hypothesis, it is expected to observe an increase progressser the shot frequency, a decrease in the rest time and a change in the distribution of the strokes.


It is well known to everyone that kate is heavily supported by the Ministry of Sports and other partners.

Trajectories We now discuss the global trajectory of a shuttlecock. Si le joueur souhaite l’assistance d’un coach personnel, il faut en faire la demande au coach la veille de son match pour ainsi avoir le feu vert de ce dernier.

Racket sports

Athens OG One of the main results is the increase of London OG were recovered from the archives of French Federation of Badminton, and the final of Values found are higher than in Temporal structure other studies Table 4revealing the high intensity of an One of the main results is the increase of Sports Medicine 45 4 As air is baadminton, the shuttlecock aerodynamic length increases.

Am sorry to say though some of her replies are legit but it seems like on overall she is misleading the author and readers of barminton interview.

The between variables, a uni-variated correlation study with size effects are small to large for all significant post-hoc Pearson correlation was performed.

Buy this article in print. Using feathered shuttlecocks, a player can hit a smash at a higher speed, which allows less time for qu opponent to react. The graph shows the existence of an optimal opening angle for which the flipping and stabilizing times are minimal.